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1. When are classes held?

2. Where are classes held?

3. How much is the tuition?

4. How do I register for classes?

5. Can my child take only elective classes?

6. Do you offer a complete curriculum?

7. Will my child have homework?

8. Do I need to remain on campus while my child is in class?

9. What options does my child have for lunch?

10. What is a bag tag?

11. How can we get to know other Timothy Ministry families?

12. Is a uniform required for students attending Timothy Ministry?



When are classes held?

Timothy Ministry classes are held on Tuesdays, during two 14 week semesters (28 weeks total per year). The Fall Semester begins in early August through late November or early December. The Spring Semester begins in early January through late April or early May. 



Where are classes held?

Timothy Ministry is thankful to partner with First Baptist Church of Woodstock (FBCW) on Tuesdays to offer classes for homeschooling families. We utilize both the A-building and B-Building for our classes. FBCW is located at 11905 Highway 92, Woodstock, Georgia 30188. 



How much is the tuition?

Most classes are $75 per hour, plus a material fee used to cover curriculum and supplies.  Any required books or supplies not covered by the material fee will be listed under the class description. There is a $25 registration fee per student, per semester. We offer a payment plan if you prefer, with the first payment due at registration. 


How do I register for classes?

All registration is through our Online Registration System. New families will need to create a registration account and add each student to their account. When registration opens (May for Fall Registration; December for Spring Registration), you will click on "Classes" under each student and "Register for Classes". Select the classes you would like to register that student in, then "Checkout to Confirm" after all classes have been selected for each of your students.  

For more information on registration, please visit Admissions Process.


Can my child take only elective classes?

Yes! We offer all of our classes "a la carte", meaning that you may choose as many, or as few classes as you need to enroll in. You may register in all academic classes, all elective classes, or a combination of both. 



Do you offer a complete curriculum?

Yes, we offer a full academic curriculum beginning in 6th grade.

For Kindergarten-2nd grade, we offer elective and enrichment classes. The parent is responsible for providing a curriculum, or expanding upon the Timothy Ministry class, on home days. Because this age needs daily instruction, we find it best for the parent to provide phonics, reading, and math instruction on home days. 

Beginning in 3rd grade, we offer a complete curriculum in Language Arts, Science, and History. Our math classes in 3rd-5th grade are "enrichment classes" and you will need to provide your own math curriculum for home days.



Will my child have homework?

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade will not be assigned homework, with the exception of occasional, optional activities.

Beginning in 3rd grade, Language Arts, Science, and History classes will include homework assignments. Parental involvement will be required. 

Homework should be expected and is required in  Middle and High School academic classes. Please review the class description for more details.



Will I need to remain on campus while my child is in class?

No. We do not require parents to remain on campus. If you have a K-2nd grader, you will be required to walk them to their first class, and pick them up from their last class of the day. We employee parents as hallway monitors to walk K-2nd graders from class to class.

If your child is in 3rd grade or above, they are allowed to walk to their classes on their own, under the supervision of hallway monitors. We recommend you remaining on campus during the first week, to help your elementary child learn their schedule and find their way around the campus. 

All K-5th grade students should wear a "bag tag" attached to their backpack, so that hallway monitors can help them get to their next class. 

All students are required to have a complete schedule between their first and last class. If your child has a "gap" between classes, please add to their schedule either "Gap: Student with Parent" or for Middle/High School students you may add "Study Hall" or "Gap: B-Foyer Free Time". We need to know where all students should be, at all times. 



What options does my child have for lunch?

All K-5th grade students must be enrolled in a lunch bunch, if the parent is not eating lunch with them. If the parent is remaining on campus for lunch, please enroll your child in "Lunch: student with parent". Middle and High School Students may have lunch in the B-Foyer or Courtyard. 

Middle and High School Students may purchase lunch from the cafe in the B-Building or bring a lunch from home. Elementary Lunch Bunch students must bring a lunch from home. We do not allow elementary students to purchase a lunch from the cafe. 

Students will not have access to a microwave during lunch time.



What is a Bag Tag?

A bag tag is a small version of your child's schedule attached to their backpack. You can purchase a luggage tag to insert their schedule into, or create your own. We require all Elementary students to have a bag tag attached to their backpack, with their current schedule including time, class, and room number.



How can we get to know other Timothy Ministry families?

When you have registered for classes, we invite you to join our closed Facebook group "The Timothy Ministry @ FBCW".

Many of our families visit the playground at FBCW "Kidstock" after class. This is a great opportunity to get to know other Timothy families. 

Moms are invited to join BLOOM moms, which meets on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 in B204. 

Middle and High School students are invited to join TOM (Teens on Mission), a student service group which participates in serving opportunities throughout the year, and meets once per month on Tuesday from 4:00-5:00 pm. Its a great way for teens to get to know other teens!

We are currently planning more opportunities for our families to get to know each other! Stay tuned!


Is a uniform required for students attending Timothy Ministry?

Yes, we require all Timothy Ministry students to wear a uniform shirt, without exception. This polo or t-shirt style shirt must have the Timothy Ministry logo. T-shirts will be for sale at open house or on any other Tuesday in the Timistry Ministry office for $15. During the winter months, your child may wear a long sleeved shirt under their polo or tshirt, or wear Timothy Ministry approved outerwear.  Click here to purchase outerwear (only available to order, we do not keep outerwear in stock).