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Tuition & Fees

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE:  Non-refundable, $25 per student per session

TUITION:  $75 per class hour for one, 14-week session for Non-Music enrichment/academic classes / $82 per class hour for one session for Music classes.  Some classes will denote year-long tuition prices (covers 28-weeks).  

MATERIAL FEES:  Varies per class and is invoiced accordingly on the class schedule.  Material fees are an estimate and will be invoiced accordingly each session.  Only the tuition is invoiced in full in the fall session.

PARENT TO PURCHASE MATERIALS:  Some descriptions will have a PARENT TO PURCHASE list.  It is the parent’s responsibility to purchase the appropriate textbooks, workbooks, and teacher’s manuals needed for each class as listed in the class description.  Be sure to read descriptions thoroughly.

UNIFORM SHIRT & OUTERWEAR:  A uniform shirt is required.  T-shirts can be purchased at open house.  Outerwear can be purchased through our online vendor.

 REFUND POLICY:  Since our financial budget is based on enrollment, parents are expected to commit to the program upon registration for the entire session (and year if an academic, year-long class is chosen). Refunds of tuition and material fees will not be given after registration. Exceptions will be considered for families experiencing death or medical emergencies, loss of work, or job transfer out of the area; however, once the session begins, the consideration will include proration or no refund at all depending on the number of weeks your student attended classes and the situation. No exceptions will be made for enrolling students in any other educational program.

We understand that classes close during registration, but please be mindful of this as you make your class selections at registration. Switching/withdrawing classes can jeopardize other classes and teacher’s jobs; therefore, parents will be responsible for the financials of the class added and dropped if you choose to switch or withdraw from classes after enrolling a student. If a class is dropped and that seat can be filled, a refund will be given; otherwise, you are responsible for payment of the class.