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Tuition & Fees

ANNUAL REGISTRATION FEE:  Non-refundable, $75 per student per year

TUITION:  Varies per class. Amount listed is per year. Please see Admissions > Class Listings > Class Descriptions for more details.

MATERIAL FEES:  Varies per class. This fee covers materials purchased individually for the student and/or for the class to use. Examples include textbooks, art supplies, science lab expenses, licensing fees, etc.

PARENT TO PURCHASE MATERIALS:  Some descriptions will have a PARENT TO PURCHASE list.  It is the parent’s responsibility to purchase the appropriate textbooks, workbooks, and teacher’s manuals needed for each class as listed in the class description.  Be sure to read descriptions thoroughly.

UNIFORM SHIRT & OUTERWEAR:  A uniform shirt is required.  T-shirts can be purchased on our website.