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Leadership & Staff

Director:  Stacy Shaddix

Assistant Administrator: Abigail Noble

Office Assistant:  Marlyn Parker      

Hall Monitor Coordinator: Rebecca Smith                                                                        

Social Media, Graduation Coordinator:  Stephanie Aratea

FBCW Staff Liaison:   Craig Ormsby                         
The Timothy Ministry’s Board of Directors' purpose is to set broad policies, protect the vision of the ministry, establish annual budgets and plan for future growth.

The roles we hold in The Timothy Ministry are not taken lightly. We have the opportunity to reach many lives and God has given us this platform to do so. As James 3:1 states, “My brethren, let not many of you become teachers, knowing that we shall receive a stricter judgment.”

Each person, before becoming an official worker, must have a one-on-one interview with the administrator and/or director. In addition, the following forms are required to be completed: Personal Testimony, Bible Study Covenant, Ministry References, Criminal History Consent Form, Legal/Lifestyle Concerns, and Truths We Hold Dear.

Teacher qualifications are as follows:
Church Member (member of FBCW OR church of like faith and practice)
Yielding to the Lordship of Jesus Christ
Qualified/Degreed/Skilled in particular area of teaching
Clear an official background check
Hall monitors are provided for the A and B building, orchestra room, fellowship hall and the café and are identified by an orange vest.  Our hall monitors are available for safety, student monitoring, information and assistance to aid teachers and parents.  They are proactive in regards to approaching unfamiliar faces, monitoring the bathrooms and building entrances, walking the hallways, monitoring dress code and, in general, just watching out for the well-being of all students.