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Online Registration System Instructions

Monday, May 20:  Staff @ 8:00am
Tuesday, May 21:  Current Families @ 8:00am
Wednesday, May 22: NEW Families @ 2:00pm

Please follow the directions below to get ready for registration:

  1. Go to the website and select Login > Online Registration. This will take you to the updated registration site. We do not recommend using Safari as your browser to register - all other browsers have worked well though. 
  2. If this is the FIRST time that you are going to the NEW registration site, you MUST scroll to the bottom and select New to the portal? Create a new account here..  Be sure to use the same email you have always used for logging into the online registration portal so that your existing family records will be linked.  PLEASE DO NOT create a new user account with a new email address or else none of your existing information will be available.
  3. Once you are logged into the new system, please check to make sure your children’s grade levels are correct.  It will benefit you to let us know BEFORE registration begins if any are incorrect as it is difficult to correct this during registration due to the busyness of the day.
  4. To register  for classes, click on the child’s name and when the screen populates, the upper left-hand corner will have a REGISTER FOR CLASSES button to select.  Classes that your student is eligible for will automatically appear.
  5. You can search classes by class title, class time, or class ID. Once you have determined the class you would like added to your student’s schedule, select the “Add to Cart” button. Once a class is in your cart, it is safe until you checkout.  
  6. If your student is staying for lunch, don’t forget to add lunch to their schedule. K-6th grade will register for “Lunch Bunch” and 7-12th grade students will register for lunch in the fellowship hall. If you prefer to pick up your student for lunch, you will register for “Lunch: Student with Parent (off campus).  *** REMINDER:  If you want to order the cafe lunch for your 7th-12th grader for the year, don’t forget to register for LUNCH w/ CAFE.  ***
  7. If your student has any gaps in his/her schedule, you will need to fill that gap with one of the following options:
    - If the student is K-5th grade you will either need to find a class to fill the gap or pick them up. If you choose to pick them up, you need to register for “GAP: Student with Parent” for the time slots corresponding to the gap in schedule.
    - For students 6-8th grade, you can add Study Hall to his/her schedule by searching “GAP: Study Hall” and selecting the correct time.
    - Students 9-12th grade can add Study Hall or “GAP: B-Foyer” for their gap in schedule.
  8. Once you have completed scheduling your student(s) classes, you will select the “Checkout to Confirm” button to begin your payment process. Please be sure to read the refund policy carefully. You will see the full tuition and material costs. plus the student registration fee added to your total.  
  9. You will then choose to pay your total balance at checkout OR opt-in to our 11-month payment plan. If you select the payment plan, you will owe your first month’s payment at checkout. 
  10. Once you have completed your payment, your status on those classes will be updated to “Enrolled.”
  11. On your profile, you will be able to see and print a receipt for any/all transactions made.

    **PLEASE NOTE: The new registration portal will only allow one login at a time to each account.  Multiple people cannot be logged onto the same account at the same time.