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Fall 2020 Health & Safety Plan

The following information was shared with our enrolled families, based on current recommendations and information we have as of June 2020. We will continue to plan and educate our staff on the best ways to provide a safe and healthy environment for Timothy Ministry students and staff. More details will be provided at Open House on August 4th, 2020 at 2pm.

1. First and foremost, while we typically look to Cherokee County School District for guidance about weather closings, as a private school we are not required to follow their schedule or procedures. Timothy Ministry has several differences which may allow us to gather in ways that the district would not be able to accommodate. We will take into consideration their decisions, but ultimately we will do what is best for our staff and families as a whole.

2. We do anticipate starting our year in August as planned. There have been discussions of public schools delaying until after Labor Day, although it has not been decided/approved.  A delay for public education likely is attributed to massive planning (restructuring) and funding- both of which do not affect us. At this time, a delayed start is not planned for Timothy Ministry.

3. We are not planning to require masks to be worn by students in classrooms at this time. Because our classes already have reduced sizes (most are 12 or less), students will be able to spread apart and we don’t feel masks should be required. However, students may wear masks if parents feel it is necessary.

4. Our K-2nd classrooms have sinks, and we will be utilizing increased hand washing at the beginning of each class. In addition, we will have sanitizing stations throughout the building and students will be encouraged to wash hands frequently. Lunch bunch students will be required to wash/sanitize before and after lunch. Classes with community (shared) supplies will also increase the frequency of hand washing and sanitizing supplies. We will be wiping down tables and other surfaces inside classrooms regularly during the day.

5. We are planning for hallway traffic patterns to space students during class changes. Thankfully, we employee an average of 30-40 Hall Monitors who will be able to help with social distancing and safe practices throughout the halls. Our hall monitors will also be helping to wipe down common surfaces in between classes.

6. We have a nurse who will be available to evaluate any student who shows any sign of sickness. As always, students with fever or any illness will not be allowed to attend classes. We will have an isolation area for students waiting pickup due to any concern of illness, and masks will be required in that room. 

7. We will be utilizing a more spaced-apart lunch area for middle and high school students, with reduced seating at each table. In addition, our B-Foyer seating will be spaced apart further, with reduced seating. Last year, we moved our study hall into a much larger room to allow for spaced seating. 

8. We are continuing to plan for better virtual learning opportunities and structure, should a closure be necessary at any point. We learned a great deal during our Spring semester virtual classes, and we appreciate the feedback received from both teachers and parents. We are increasing training for our teachers and planning for student kits and resources to aid in virtual learning at home. It is our desire only to close if absolutely necessary- looking to our church leadership and local authorities for guidance. 

Thank you for your patience as we plan and release information, as available. I know you will have more questions and concerns. Please bear with us, as we are staying informed and carefully planning for the best environment for your family. It is a privilege to partner with your family, and we take our students’ and staff safety and health very seriously. We ask you to continue to pray for the Lord to grant us wisdom as we prepare for Fall 2020. We are looking forward to seeing all of our sweet families in a couple of months. 


Kaci Brown

Administrator Timothy Ministry