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Fall Registration


View our class listings K - 12th Grade CLASS DESCRIPTIONS or K - 12th Grade TABLE Format

If you are registering your student for the first time in an academic math class, you must first schedule a time for him/her to take the math placement test.

Go to: MATH Placement Sign-Ups

Create an account on our online registration portal:

If you click on any of the REGISTER FOR CLASSES, it will take you to the online registration site.

Under your student’s name, click on CLASSES > REGISTER FOR CLASSES

You can search on class title, class ID, teacher, class time, subject, etc.

Once you have all the classes you want in your registration cart for all children, click on any CHECKOUT TO CONFIRM button next to the class title and the system will take you to the payment screen. Once payment is made, the status of classes will change from Checkout to Confirm to ENROLLED.

Virtual Classes