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High School Clubs

Timothy Ministry Student-Led Clubs

All 9th-12th Grade students are welcome to join any of the following Timothy Ministry Clubs. Membership is open the first part of both Fall and Spring semesters. Annual Fee to join a club is $25. Club Fees/Dues cover some club expenses, however there may be additional fees for projects and competitions that the club decides to participate in.

These clubs have been established to provide teens at Timothy Ministry the opportunity to grow in their interest, build friendships and use their gifts and talents.

In an effort to make club membership a valuable experience for all students, we ask Club Members to commit to the following:

1. ATTENDANCE at Meetings: Most meetings will be Tuesday afternoons from 4:00-5:00. There will be 1 (possibly 2) meetings per month. There may be additional meetings outside of Tuesdays. We don’t require you to participate in all meetings, but members should be committed to attend most of the meetings. 

2. PARTICIPATION: This club is STUDENT-LED. All club members are expected to participate in the club. This requires that the student has an interest in the club subject area and motivation to contribute to club goals and tasks. 

3. WELCOMING ATMOSPHERE: The purpose of Timothy Ministry Clubs is to develop friendships among students who share common interests. Therefore, we want our club environment to be welcoming to all students. It is our desire for students to see this as an opportunity to deepen existing friendships as well as to meet new people. 

*What age can my son/daughter join a club? Students need to be 14 by September 1, 2019

*When will the clubs start? Clubs will begin in late August/September. They will meet once a month on Tuesdays from 4-5PM. 

*May I join more than one club? It is possible that some of the clubs will meet on the same Tuesday. Each club will have group projects, competitions and field trips that could be a time conflict with another club. 

*How do I sign up for a club? Once the schedule comes out for the first meeting in September, you will be able to register at the meeting.